Aug 272016

Dollars stairway and upward arrow

Money is like a tree, how you take care of it will reflect on the kind of tree you are growing, whether the tree will be healthy or not; stout or thin. A lot of people nowadays want to become entrepreneurs because they themselves have heard about success stories of some famous entrepreneurs in the world, which made them to be inspired and motivated to become one.

They want to become instant billionaires and be wealthy right then and there, but being a successful entrepreneur takes courage, dedication, patience and great timing. There are some who enter being an entrepreneur and end up being unsuccessful, which will cause their investments and efforts to be at stake.

And worse, there are some entrepreneurs who failed that end up being depressed and desperate. There are some certain ways on how to invest and make your money grow; but in this article, you will be given general ideas and points on how to increase the returns of your money invested.

Know Between Wants and Needs

Let us first define the terms wants and needs in a general manner. A want is something that you ought to have to satisfy the inner cravings and pleasure you feel deep inside; it is something that a buyer or a spender would ought to have right then and there without considering other matters as long as it will satisfy them.

Some examples of a want would be: jewelries, accessories, gadgets and some technologies. Clearly, these things are the things which the human beings would survive without even having one of them.

While a need is something much deeper in context; a need is something that would help a buyer or consumer survive in the long run like food, clothing, shelter, medicines and other necessities to help the people survive. In other words, needs are the priorities the people should have in life.

There are a lot of people nowadays who will just wait for their payday and buy whatever things they want without considering whether those things are their wants and needs. There are a lot of people who would be considered a “one day millionaire” upon receiving their payday or paychecks.

And next, they end up waiting anxiously on the next payday to come.So, before plunging yourselves to buy something, make sure to weigh things, whether they are a want or a need.

Savings versus Expenses

Most people nowadays are having a hard time saving; not just because they lack money to save, but because they lack the motivation to do so. They tend to forget the importance of saving for the future and securing money for the future emergencies.

People receive paydays and paychecks and budgeting their salaries each day to help them survive until the next payday. People tend to forget to look in the future and forget to think about long-term plans and goals; this is also because people want things to be instantly done and be possessed by them.

The word itself says it all: “Saving” means to save; when you have enough savings, it will save you from having future big amounts of debts. Therefore, it all takes about having a good balance and discipline on how and where you invest your money. If you’re having a hard time controlling yourself from spending too much, then you can call and reach out for some money advisers and experts to help you get a hand about growing your money.

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